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The Power and Meaning of Native American Dreamcatchers

Unlock the mystery of Native American dreamcatchers and learn more about this enchanting talisman's symbolic meanings, history, and cultural significance. Explore the history and importance of Authentic Native American dreamcatchers, how they were used to bring blessings, good dreams, and protection, and how they can be used as symbols of hope and protection in your life.

Dreamcatcher Ojibwe

 Dreamcatcher Purpose

Native American Dreamcatchers have a spiritual and cultural significance in their history among Native American tribes, originating with the Ojibwe people. Legend has it that dreamcatchers filter out negative thoughts, bad dreams, and ill omens as they float through the night air – capturing only the positive energy and blessings in their protective webs. These talismans are crafted with an intricate web, beautiful beads, feathers, and other decorations that make them unique! The dreamcatcher-making process symbolizes protection from negative entities and an acceptance of good luck and positive energy.
An Ojibwe dreamcatcher plays an important role in their culture, as dreams are believed to contain prophecies and messages from spirits. Dreams are also used to inform one of their self-knowledge, spiritual strength, and cultural continuity, providing insight into the lives that were led by both themselves and their ancestors. It is a way for people to connect with the unknown and seek advice from a higher source which can assist them on their journey in life.

Origin Story of Dreamcatchers

In Ojibwe legends, dreamcatchers are said to have originated with a spider woman named Asibikaashi. She was tasked with caring for the Earth's people, so she wove special webs above infant's beds that could trap everything bad in its threads and make them disappear before dawn. When the Ojibwe tribe spread out across North America, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers started to weave dreamcatchers from traditional materials like willow hoops and sinew or cordage made from plants, which were designed to look like a circle symbolizing how the sun moves across the sky,  since Asibikaashi could no longer weave every cradle board individually. To this day, the dreamcatcher purpose is thought to protect you from bad dreams so you can find blessings, good dreams, and protection.

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Dreamcatcher Meaning

Traditional dreamcatchers often contain the four directions: North, East, South, and West - these represent protection in both the physical and spiritual worlds depending on where it hangs in a space or house. As an important part of an individual’s spiritual journey, dreamcatchers remind us of our connection to mother earth and help us create meaningful relationships with ourselves, our ancestors, and the world around us.

The hoop represents the sun that travels each day across the sky and could also represent the circle of life.
The web is symbolic of the spiderweb that traps the bad dream or dark spirits and gets rid of them before dawn.
Feathers represent air and the breath of life.
Beads, where a single bead could represent the spider woman. Multiple beads, could  represent the bad dreams or dark spirits that have been caught.
Arrowheads: represent strength and protection

Authentic Dreamcatchers 

In search of genuine, authentic dreamcatchers? Before purchasing, it's important to differentiate between the real and the imitation. Traditional, handmade dreamcatchers usually feature natural elements like feathers and wooden beads. Unfortunately, many stores have begun selling versions made with artificial materials (like cheap plastic) that lack deep cultural significance.

Respectively embracing this symbol of unity within First Nations is advised for all who wish to enjoy the beauty of dreamcatchers without insulting its origins.


How to use a dreamcatcher

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