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The Lazy Girls Guide to Witchy Things ✨ Morning routine


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All of my life, I have been drawn to all things witchy, and I thought I had to dedicate hours for rituals, do extensive research and have the perfect alter before I started to practice. This is so far from the truth. Witchcraft is the little things, when we are too busy or tired to dedicate much time to our practice. You can do many things to bring a little magic into your daily life. 


✨Here are some ways to incorporate magic into your daily life✨

When you wake up, set your intentions for the day

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Setting your daily intentions can be a powerful exercise to help you stay focused and connected to what matters most! Take some time in the morning write down your intentions in a journal; this does not need to be an hour-long process! Visualize, feel, and radiate that intention; Intentions are not about control. Try to keep your daily intentions in your mind and just let the universe do its thing. 

Turn your morning coffee into a powerful magical ritual

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Stay in the present while pouring your coffee or tea. Feel the heat or cold coming from your cup, and smell the aroma.

While stirring your drink of choice, move your hand in a clockwise direction three times and say:

"I am the tool, you are the fire, fill this cup with all I desire,"

Swirl your drink in your cup before you drink it.


affirmations of the day


Feeling insecure? Give yourself a confidence boost with affirmations of the day. Need cheering up? Gratitude affirmations are a great way to shift your focus onto all the good things in life. Take your pick, but either way, positive affirmations can help you manifest success and get back on track.Using affirmations can be incredibly beneficial for the mind and soul. Affirmations involve repeating a positive statement about yourself or your life to yourself. Doing this every day (preferably in front of a mirror) allows your subconscious mind to become more aligned with your goals, ingraining confidence and self-belief. Repeat each affirmation ten times to help make it stick!

Some affirmations I use are:

I have what it takes within me to succeed

I am powerful

I am creating the life of my dreams

I dream, I believe, I receive

I breathe in confidence and exhale fear


Daily Divinations

what is a divination


What is a Divination? For thousands of years, people all over the world have used different ways to predict the future to get some insight. Divination can be a way to communicate with the Divine and help you learn about yourself, learn to use your intuition, and help guide you to make decisions.

Some types of Divination are Tarot, Oracle cards, Rune casting, Pendulum, Dream Interpretation, Scrying, Palmistry, Numerology, Tasseomancy, and Pyromancy.


Sun Magic 

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Get outside! There are so many benefits to being outside, like stress relief, mental energy, and more production of serotonin and melatonin. Still, you can also use this time to add some magic to your routine! And you don’t need to be outside all day! Try for two hours a week; if that’s not possible, you can use a few of these methods. 

Sun water: Take a glass of water and set it directly in the sun for a few hours to charge and soak up all that Sun energy. You can add herbs and flowers such as lemon peels, sunflowers, marigolds, orange peels, cinnamon, etc.) or add crystals (citrine, sunstone, carnelian tigers eye, etc.) Just sit your crystals next to the glass for some additional charge. Sun water is used for happiness, protection, growth, self-love, warmth, creativity, and healing. This method can be used to make sun tea too. To make your sun tea fill your glass with teabags with added herbs of your choice or lemons (the ultimate sun symbol). You can also use this for your daily coffee/tea magic! Sun tea is said to have magical properties and help with confidence, courage, passion, excitement, and strength.


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