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The Best 11 Witchy Apps you need in your life!

I want to preface this post by saying that this is in no way sponsored! These are just a few of the apps I use all the time that I wanted to share!

I love all things magical, mystical, and enchanting and am not ashamed of it. If you're interested in learning about witchcraft, apps can be a great starting point! They are my secret weapon for making everyday tasks a little more manageable. I use these apps to change my routine, stay organized, and help me find new ways of doing things. They've helped keep me on track and focused on what I need to do.

Here are some of the Witchy apps I use every day to add a little magic to my day:

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Night sky: Amazing stargazing app! Night Sky provides an AR experience to identify real-time constellations, planets, galaxies, stars, and Nasa things like the Hubble telescope and Intentional Space Station, just by pointing the iPhone camera at the night sky.


Moon Calendar: tracks moon cycles and allows you to send reminders to yourself to help manifest your intentions and goals and to help you organize and align your life.


Labyrinthos: I use this app daily, and I absolutely love it! I use this app to find the meaning of the tarot cards from my daily tarot card pull. You can also use it for online tarot readings, spreads, astrology, horoscope, and zodiac signs. They also have Free tarot card classes. I cannot recommend this app enough, especially if you are just starting.


365 Gratitude: I use this app for daily prompts. It has excellent daily quotes and works as a journal giving you a daily prompt of what to focus on, and it always ends with a gratitude list. This has tremendously helped me with stress and anxiety. I was skeptical at first but quickly realized the more you do it, the more you start seeing the silver lining in the situation, and problems don't seem as critical anymore. 


Moonly: This app has everything you need. Daily horoscopes, Affirmations, Astrology events, Tarot and Runes, and Meditation Exercises. You can also link to post on your Instagram Stories! I especially love the wisdom section. It's a great introduction to things such as Crystals, the power of intentions, Female and moon cycles, and so much more!


Balance: Daily meditation that starts you off correctly with Foundation levels. This app helps with my meditation practice as it is guided and starts with the first foundation for absolute beginners. I love that they have other options, such as procrastination or when you need more motivation, and you can choose how long you would like to meditate!


Planta: Ultimate plant care app, You can scan your plant for identification or just manually add it in, and it will remind you when to water and fertilize!  


Saged: I have the free version, so I'm not able to do everything, but I use this app for the daily rituals, they are always quick and simple, and you don't need anything crazy to participate. They also have groups to join in their community and can find so much information, such as how to charge your crystals to monthly astrology forecast.


Fabulous: Daily coaching and starts routines super simple to help you build long-lasting habits! Also has short guided meditations, journeys, and challenges. I love this app for the journeys. It starts with just drinking a glass of water in the morning to help you build a routine that will help you build better habits and stick with them!


Elevate: The ultimate brain game. This app personalizes workouts for you to keep your brain sharp. It has writing, speaking, reading, math, and memory exercises. I love this app! Using it daily really helped my mental math situation (I'm terrible at math, like the worst), and it always makes me feel more confident!


I Am: Affirmations. I have this on a widget on my phone and always find myself repeating my intentions throughout the day. You can also have it set to remind you! This has helped me bring peace into my life when it feels out of control. 


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