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7 Crystals for Dreaming: A Beginner's Guide

Unlock the mysteries of your dreams with the help of crystals! With the right stones for dreaming and a bit of knowledge, you can use crystals to reap the benefits of having more vivid dreams, better dream recall, and enhanced lucidity. Learn how to choose and use these unique stones to make the most out of your dreaming experience!


The Power of Amplification.

Crystals possess amplifying properties that help amplify your dreams' vibrational power. When specific crystals are part of the dreamwork, they act as a tool to help understand and interpret complex or recurring dreams to gain further insight. Amplification is one of the most powerful benefits when it comes to crystal dreaming practice.


Choose the Right Crystals for You.

Choosing the right crystals for your dream life is essential! First, consider the type of dream you hope to have and which crystals are best suited for your needs. Some helpful stones include amethyst, fluorite, and labradorite, all aiding in enhancing intuition and deepening dream states. Also, consider recommendations on how long and in which areas to keep each crystal to get the most out of its energy.


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Amethyst is a powerful, all-purpose spiritual stone popularly known for its ability to relax and bring peace of mind. It can also promote lucid dreaming and protect from evil spirits, open the third eye, relieve stress and anxiety, purify the minds of negative thoughts, and provide clarity upon waking. This versatile gemstone has been used for centuries to help increase intuition and amplify energy!

Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz is the perfect crystal for anyone looking to bring more love into their life. Not only does it bring unconditional love and healing, but it also helps us to connect with our true selves and find understanding in our hearts. As a symbol of love, rose quartz can be placed under your pillow at night for calming energies and an optimistic outlook upon waking!


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Selenite is the ultimate dream crystal for those who want better sleep. Known for its ability to promote relaxation, spiritual healing, and greater spiritual insight. Its name derives from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, and connects it to the divine feminine energy of lunar cycles. It is said to have powerful restful properties that can help alleviate stress and anxiety while providing clarity of mind. Its most important role is opening up the third eye chakra, which allows for more profound access to spiritual realms during dreaming states.


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Fluorite is an incredibly powerful and protective crystal meaning with many healing benefits. It has a tranquil, peaceful, and calming energy. It is often used as a dream stone to help one become more in tune with their own powers of manifestation and can be placed under the pillow or beside the bed during sleep. Fluorite acts like a dreamcatcher to dispel nightmares and only allows positive thoughts while protecting its user from negative energies. Fluorite also promotes mental clarity and encourages practical thinking when sorting through emotions or connecting to your desires.

Lapis Lazuli

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Remain connected with messages from the divine by introducing lapis lazuli into your sleeping space! This royal blue-colored stone opens channels between planes, allowing for divine guidance that unlocks distant memories deep within one's subconscious. This may aid clarity when resolving unresolved issues that surface during states of REM sleep! Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone to introduce into one's sleeping space, but it is not suitable for everyone. It should be avoided if one is prone to anxiety or nightmares, as it can amplify negative feelings and highlight unresolved issues in our subconscious mind. Likewise, people with overactive imaginations should avoid this stone, as it can make dream recall more vivid. 


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Labradorite is a powerful crystal believed to promote spiritual growth and enhance inner strength. With its radiant, vibrant flashes of light that appear when the crystal is turned in the right direction, Labradorite encourages heightened levels of psychic ability and protection against harmful energies while dreaming. Carrying Labradorite with you or placing it near your bedside can help elevate your spiritual awareness for a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Clear Quartz

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No dream experience is complete without clear quartz being present somewhere near – as this stunning gemstone acts like a prism reflecting light onto what our soul wants us to 'see' or feel. Clear quartz is considered one of the most versatile and powerful healing crystals. It's believed to amplify energy and intention and act as a deep soul cleanser that can bring mental, spiritual, and physical balance. Clear quartz is also widely known for its ability to increase dream recall and absorb, store, release, and regulate energy within the body. It's even thought to aid communication with the spiritual realm by helping channel guidance from higher sources.

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